Many people ask that question when an invitation is extended to them to join. And it's a fair question!

First and foremost, you need an association to accomplish what you cannot accomplish alone. It's

a fact that in Washington, D.C., the politicians count numbers. They listen to the groups with large

and influential memberships, because they know that's where the votes are.

In addition, they rely on associations for

information and expertise they themselves do not

have. That's why AFTEA is so important to you-

and to our elected officials.

The fact is, your voice, as a top Non-commissioned officer, desperately needs to be heard by our

elected officials in Washington. The time has come for us to use the experience and expertise we gained

in the Armed Forces and voice our opinions.


AFTEA is a non-profit, military organization whose members have joined in supporting all aspects of

national security, with emphasis on the men and women who serve and who have served.


Who Can Join AFTEA?


AFTEA is exclusively for those who have reached the pinnacle of the enlisted ranks of the Uniformed

Services. Members in AFTEA are Sergeant Majors, Master Chief Petty Officers, Master Gunnery Sergeants,

and Chief Master Sergeants from all branches of the Uniformed Services: Army, Navy, Air Force,

Marine Corp, and Coast Guard. We are unique in that each member must have either retired as or

currently hold the grade of E-9.  E-8's that are on a standing list for promotion to E-9 are eligible to join.

All E-8's in Mississippi can join and become a member of Magnolia Chapter. 



AFTEA recognizes the many sacrifices you and your family have made. Unfortunately, many of our

political leaders don't have any understanding about life in the military. AFTEA works in Washington

D.C. to educate members of Congress and their staffs so they'll understand the hardships

military people must endure.

And while we fight for the benefits you were promised and that you earned, we do so much more.

We fight for a strong national defense and we work to make sure our homeland is as safe and secure as

it needs to be.

You have every right to be proud of your service to America. And you also have every right to expect

our leaders to keep the promises that were made to you. AFTEA is fighting to make sure they do.

That's why we have come together in AFTEA. We intend to make sure the voice of senior enlisted

leadership is heard at this critical time in our nation's history.

Our Pledge


Service in our nation's Armed Forces is more than  just a series of decisions and choices about jobs.

Life in the military is a major change in lifestyle for its members and their families.

The requirements of a profession that demands sacrifice, personal risk, and dedication to the American  ideal of freedom makes service in the armed forces unique, That’s why the Armed Forces Top Enlisted Association is proud to be an organization that is dedicated to fighting to protect the benefits that were promised to those who proudly have worn the uniform of our nation, and to ensure that those now serving have the quality of life they were promised and the equipment they need to do their jobs.